Nina Boesch's collages are mosaic-like artworks created entirely from used and expired New York City subway tickets.


Mini collages:

Postcard sets:
10 different cards for $25


The Process

Nina Boesch upcycles used, expired MetroCards by cutting them into small pieces, sorting them by color, and rearranging the pieces into mosaic-like collages. Nina first draws a sketch onto the canvas and then fills in the shapes with the cut-up pieces of MetroCards—similar to a jigsaw puzzle she assembles the collages .

The process takes about 8 hours for a small collage and up to 100 hours for larger ones. The subjects range from landmarks and city scenes to celebrity portraits and urban animals.

All artworks are one-of-a-kind and vary in size from 5"x7" to 40"x30". A single collage can contain over 10,000 pieces from up to 500 MetroCards. Nina uses the front of MetroCards for color collages (yellow, orange, blue and black), and the magnetic strip and back of the MetroCards for black and white collages.

The History

In 2001, after being introduced to the New York City subway system, Nina became inspired by the thousands of disposed MetroCards laying around in the subway stations. Having been raised in Germany—a country that strictly enforces trash recycling—she began to rid the platforms of the disposed subway tickets and bring new life to this everyday object most consider trash. She started repurposing the old, disposed tickets and turned them into art. After exhibiting her collages in coffee shops and a residential lobby in the West Village, Nina's work has quickly grown in popularity. Since then, Nina's collages have been exhibited in various galleries across the U.S. and Germany, and Nina gained a global following of art collectors all over the world.


Receiving & Giving

Over the years, Nina Boesch has received thousands of used and expired MetroCards as donations from friends, colleagues, and fans of her work. 

She is paying forward this act of kindness by supporting local institutions and organizations with artwork donations to silent auction fundraisers. Her collages have raised tens of thousands of dollars across the supported organizations, which include Project Renewal, the Children’s Museum of Arts, the NY Transit Museum, the New York Public Library, the St. Bernard Project, Chefs For Kids, and various public schools.